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Lepang shoreline conservation area, Klungkung

Bali, a paradise island in Indonesia, is known for its stunning natural beauty. One of the places that must be visited in Bali is Lepang Beach in Klungkung Regency. This beach is one of Bali's paradises that has not been visited by too many tourists, and at certain moments it becomes a nesting spot for Balinese sea turtles so that it becomes a local conservation area for the habitat of these animals. Of course this place still exudes authentic and calm natural beauty.

Lepang Beach is stunning with its long coastline, soft black sand and clear turquoise sea water. Green trees growing on the beach give a cool and beautiful impression. The clear sky and warm sunlight complement the beauty of this beach. The natural beauty of Lepang Beach will make anyone who visits it feel peaceful and connected to nature.

Cultivation organics plant on polybag & creating eco enzim fertilizer by MUHAMMADIYAH 1 JUNIOR HIGH-SCHOOL DENPASAR

Introducing environmentally conscious behaviour from early age very important in the middle of modern lifestyle which all instant. Beside child habit diverted about online game device dependency, certainly interest stimulate and their creativity related with surrounding environment. How to process household waste to be something useful, this is done by Muhammadiyah 1 junior high-school Denpasar student 7th classes accompany with mentor and homeroom teacher at Joglo Mosque Al-Hikmah Foundation Denpasar, located at pura duwe street no.9 padang sambian kelod on friday, oktober 21, 2022.

Student get introduced and taught how to cultivate the plants using organics material and fertilizer. Start from ingredient choice for growing media, how to create liquid composite fertilizer (Eco Enzym) which derives from household organics waste extraction when its can find near student environment live.