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Minimalist ironing table by ferdy laundry

Ferdy laundry produce operational completeness by own with basic laundry standard equipment using local material elements, local labor with minimalist design shape. Adjusting with working room dimension it have that practical and maximal in room utilization.

Standard rebounded foam, linen cover that easy absorb heat steam from steamer iron / boiler, light and strong enough. With open-up system and close-down when not used, very suitable for limited tiny room usage.

Household and industrial waste management

Final meeting G20 event will held in Nusadua-Bali bring many change other than infrastructure and public facility, included with waste management in Denpasar. Based on local government plan will closing last location at Suwung waste disposal in this october, and its already open three new waste disposal on each different location. Beside the capacity of Suwung waste disposal been overloaded few last years, environment impact and air polution also affect surrounding ecosystem especially mangrove habitats.

After the end of rainfall usually trash rotten smell will be going far in kilometers away around that waste disposal location, certainly its giving badly effect towards of G20 participant there visiting in surrounding block meeting area at nusadua when its not far away from the sea of benoa peninsula.

Several months ago local government has to create regulation for each temporary waste disposal in district level, that waste disposal rule already enforced. Among them waste separation it will collective organized and responsible by waste owner, separated between organic and non-organic materials when non-organic waste can not thrown away into temporary waste disposal however deposited to waste bank on each areas. Not many people understand with that mechanism, so that many of them still confuse where they should be thrown that rubbish. People already accustomed for years depends on waste picker officer in their neighborhood that arrange household waste and every months shell out to them.

But now it appears new problem when the picker officer said their waste volume has limited cause of overloaded at local temporary disposal, of course they have confuse where the rubbish should be thrown away. Often trash heap mountainous in every corner of housing and a side road cause no body taking that waste.

Bali mandara ahead of final G20 high summit

Approaching final meeting G20 countries group in Nusadua-Bali few points was improvement conducted. One corner of Bali Mandara highway bridge get replenishment street lightning ornament also lightning power source from some parts of solar cell strip on toll gates side. This nature friendly power supply facility is totaly needed in the middle of energy which is increasing getting more needed and slowly fossil energy soon will be abandoned.

It is of course not only exclusively because G20 event occur which will held on next november, however the region government commitment to make it real Bali 'go green with green energy' that momentum in the same time willl be held at final meeting G20 soon started. Tour accommodation supported with environment friendly green power supply, impact on comfort Bali public infrastructure for domestic traveler and visitor nor foreign countries visitor.