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Cashless payment ferdy laundry services

Cashless payment for current product and service transactions is an integral part of every trading activity of our society. Since the covid pandemic took place in the 2020 period with interaction restrictions, cashless systems are increasingly being used in every transaction process that takes place. Converted forms of physical money exchange into electronic money from the existing banking system as well as other financial service providers.

See the ongoing trend, ferdy laundry as a service provider also participate in facilitating consumers to access the transaction system according to their wishes. Time efficiency, as well as other conveniences are the reasons for everyone to make payments using electronic money.

Cashless payment ferdy laundry services

For now ferdy laundry are still limited to two indonesian electronic money application service providers, namely gopay and dana, but do not rule out the possibility in the future we will continue to update our services following the existing trend patterns. One of the efficiency factors in using digital-based payment application services, and how from a security point of view? of course it is safer when non-physical transaction patterns are carried out reducing the risk of crime happening around us. A digital platform that already exists one day will develop according to the discourse of issuance of e-rupiah by the government in the future.