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Tanggung jawab ferdy laundry terhadap sosial dan lingkungan sekitar

Free food program for street cats

Last period of 2020 when cov-19 pandemic hit the world include Bali which is paralyzing local economic principle impact to stopping public main activities for economy, this continues to exodus non-balinese temporary townsman return to their origin cities. Has implications for abandoned dwelling include many pets animal displaced on the street.

Ferdy laundry look closely the existing situation and conditions with minimal effort sharing with fellow living beings if it survives through this crucial condition. Prepare special dry food for that pet animal everyday we've met, not less than 15-30kilos dry food spended every months to spread at round laundry neighborhood or when meet them on the way to customer location.

Tanggung jawab ferdy laundry terhadap sosial dan lingkungan sekitar

This matter is nature balancing which is continuous we must keep together, we properly helping each other as a living being between them and us. Universe is not only inhabited by human being, but there is others poor creatures hasn't capable through nature change condition which has been perish damaged by that mankind itself.

Beside displaced pet from the owner some are deliberate throw away on the street, traditional markets, etc. by the owner cause getting more procreate that unable to feed them. Meanwhile to controlling this animal breeding needs extra costs and thats not cheap, like pet sterilization control by the veterinarian. Many of us meet on the streets with bad condition, like picking up leftover food waste, scabies skin disease etc.

Animals that are dumped on purpose has 3 to 6 months in average, not even rare still very small baby or they still need breastfeeding to their mother. Which is more terrible are pet owners who throw away their pets around bypass ngurah rai, where is the vehicle speed and intensity very crowded and fast. Once Upon a time we've ever met crushed animal by the traffic vehicles.

Tanggung jawab ferdy laundry terhadap sosial dan lingkungan sekitar

This activities even only small scale what can be done at least provide our caring to fellow living beings. Currently activities are still ongoing also effort to others environment campaign.

“When prophet Mohammed will take wudhu then a cat approached and that cat drinking on his wudhu container. The prophet has stopped until that cat finish to drink afterwards continue wudhu”. (Hadith: Muslim).

“A women entered inside to the hell because of a cat which she tied and never be feeded even not allowed eat smaller animals on the floor". (Hadith: Bukhari).