Jasa laundry antar jemput di denpasar bali dan sekitarnya


Why do you have to wash black and white clothes separately?

Washing black and white clothes separately is common practice for several reasons:

1. Avoid mixing colors, When washing clothes, especially at higher temperatures, there is a risk of dyes that may leach into the clothes and mix with the wash water. If black and white clothes are washed together, there is a possibility that the black dye could spread onto the white clothes, causing unwanted stains or discoloration.

Why do you have to wash black and white clothes separately?

2. Reducing the risk of fading, Black and white colors may have different solid color stability. When laundered together, the friction of fabrics and chemicals such as detergents or bleach can cause discoloration of clothes. By washing black and white clothes separately, you can avoid the risk of unwanted discoloration.

3. Keep white clothes bright, White clothes usually have a tendency to turn yellow or lose their natural brightness over time. If you wash white clothes with black clothes which may sometimes release fabric fibers or fabric particles, it can make the white clothes look dull or in other words be contaminated with the black fibers.

4. Different treatments, Black clothes may require special care, such as washing with detergents designed specifically for dark clothes or using dye products that help retain their light color. By washing black clothes separately, you can provide the appropriate care to maintain their beauty.

Keep in mind that not all black or white clothes have to be separated in the wash. Some clothes, such as clothes that are durable, the type of fabric they are made of, or that have been washed several times with no problems, may be safe to wash together. Always check the care instructions on the clothing label and use your personal judgment when deciding whether or not to wash black and white clothes separately. (de/dps).