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Application platform for freelance worker in south east asia

Before cov-19 pandemic freelance worker is only side profession and not become a popular cause of classified to low income and uncertain income beside that has limited promoter media, mostly apps platform it came from the west. But since pandemic hit with many impact to dismissed worker make freelance worker has enthusiasts increasing, Beside working hours flexibility, can work from anywhere Of course this is a factor enthusiasts increasing on this field.

One of provider which provides the application to become an intermediary media between freelancer and user is Fastwork created and developed in Thailand, this attracts them to take opportunities in this field. Application platform which is easy to use with auction system from various types work and currently has expanded its business in Indonesia.

Application platform for freelance worker in south east asia | Ferdy Laundry

A new chapter in the competitive working world, in the middle of lively dismissed worker also labor budget minimization and efficiency at few private company and other public company. Several famous and big company name already use this freelancer services, among others are; Kohler, Priceza, Traveloka, dan Unilever. Of course, there are lack and advantages to each work transaction applied either lack example; after finished working program certainly freelancer not bounded by a contract at a later on with work continuation progress which is requires maintenance or revision, except user offering new working contract for continues last work. Next lack are selling price competition when its begin with more offering from the others, surely get effect to interesting service price offer when its gonna be cheaper between their rates.

Talking about advantages from this auction system prosphect user have much more offering option related the services without through personel recruiting process and barely less extra costs. Further, prosphect user doesn't necessary making on year working budget base on the job type because it is not the main work object of their business side or its only temporary needed.