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Gold and silver as future investment products

Liquid assets with long-term stable values are precious metal such as gold and silver. This precious metal product variant was evolve there was not only bullion, jewelry but now its also offered to public with economical package shape investation which is affordable for lower middle class pocket.

Besides as investation product and long term savings, certainly in a future can be used as collateral assets nor exchanger with fixed valuable in a commercial transaction and services. Exchanger difference it has fixed value or not i.e. the goods with availability limitation, increasingly the goods source limited so the value tend to stable even increased. While the goods with consistent to produce continously accordingly the value fluctuates tends to become down (example: banknotes, except every banknote printed underlay by golds).

Gold and silver as future investment products

Certainly precious metals are commodities with fixed values and relatively stable from time to time. Gold rates is the pure gold content on jewelry. Cause usually gold jewelry has mixed with another metal types. As known 100% pure gold has 24 carat rates. Gold rates stated in carat unit, its like 9 carat/ 9K, 14 carat/ 14K, 18 carat/ 18K until 24 carat/ 24K. Gold rates also stated on percent (%). More higher gold content, of course has more higher value for selling price. In Indonesia market also known name as old gold and light gold. It refers to jewelry gold rates. Gold never called old gold, it is not just only has 24 carat rates but also upper 18 carat golds categorized in old gold.

Since ancient civilizations of the kingdom era's exist in Nusantara (;Indonesia) they already know precious metal shapes as transaction tools on trading. This proven with founded many ancient artifacts likes jewelry, gold coin, etc. (de/dps).