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Bali mandara ahead of final G20 high summit

Approaching final meeting G20 countries group in Nusadua-Bali few points was improvement conducted. One corner of Bali Mandara highway bridge get replenishment street lightning ornament also lightning power source from some parts of solar cell strip on toll gates side. This nature friendly power supply facility is totaly needed in the middle of energy which is increasing getting more needed and slowly fossil energy soon will be abandoned.

It is of course not only exclusively because G20 event occur which will held on next november, however the region government commitment to make it real Bali 'go green with green energy' that momentum in the same time willl be held at final meeting G20 soon started. Tour accommodation supported with environment friendly green power supply, impact on comfort Bali public infrastructure for domestic traveler and visitor nor foreign countries visitor.

Bali mandara ahead of final G20 high summit | Ferdy Laundry

G20 high summit event which will held in Nusadua-Bali be attended by head of 20 state member, this year Indonesia being trusted to carry responsibility as G20 president. Even at the same time currently global economic condition not very well cause covid pandemic impact followed by east european war that have effect to energy crisis and inflation. Local Bali people have wishes this event gonna take place success also obtain many solution from economic problems and world geopolitics currently happen.

Not only on public facility for green energy utilization, fossil petrol technology transfer to electrical energy already popping up in Denpasar-Bali. Likes electric vehicle utilization at G20 high summit event also being prepared to support participant mobility. This is real switching indication into new era for implementing green energy and clean or renewable energy (de/dps).