Pick-up and drop-off laundry services in Denpasar, Bali and its surrounding area

Custom & Idea

Custom ironing table fit into minimalist room by ferdy laundry

Ferdy laundry produce operational completeness by own with basic laundry standard equipment using local material elements, local labor with minimalist design shape. Adjusting with working room dimension it have that practical and maximal in room utilization.

Standard rebounded foam, linen cover that easy absorb heat steam from steamer iron / boiler, light and strong enough. With open-up system and close-down when not used, very suitable for limited tiny room usage.

General lowest standard for micro laundry business class of a laundry table price with accessories completeness also non-fleksibel size (fixed) are in the range IDR 800K until a million up. Depends on dimensions for fix size model with frame material variant also steam iron pad foam. Limited production for self scale usage and comfortable prior for laundry operator when it use on work.

'Seterika' (;ironing) in Indonesian language came from Dutch language i.e. 'strijkijzer' it means same with iron in english describe to clothes iron anti-wrinkled in a way being heated. Iron started to use by Greek at 400 BC. Greek people has made long folds from upper to bottom side on their grand dress using that iron, to make that grand dress looks neat for ceremonial or certain rituals.

Meja dan perlengkapan laundry custom mengikuti desain ruang minimalis

In 1870, a housewife named Mary Florence Potts develop iron shape called: 'sadiron' it used by western people at 17th century with tapered ends and iron holder detachable. Sadiron (sad-iron/ solid), is a piece of iron with a flat surface being heated on the stove when it use to smoothing the clothes surfaces. In the end of 19th century founded iron which can save heat for awhile by using wood charcoal or coal, until in 1882 electric iron created for the first time and used publicly it is deeply regretted at that time not all house has electricity installation like today. Clothes iron developed rapidly with new inovations in 20th century until present time, some of them are equipped with water container, heat steam even now has been developed automatic iron and clothes folder base on AI (Artificial intelligence) (de/dps).