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Property investment opportunities in 2023

For some circles in 2023 had various expectations on its journey starting from an entrepreneur, private sector employee, to housewives. This was influenced by the crisis that occurred since pandemic effect of covid 2019, global energy and food crisis and war in eastern europe thereby affecting economic growth in the last two quarters. How this affect to property sector in Indonesia? of course a little much very influential in this sector.

However recession conditions what it said happening at 2023 depending on point of view and everyone's mindset in responding to it, this is conveyed by a renowned indonesian businessman and financial planner that is Tonny Hermawan Adikarjo. According to him in a graph of annual economic cycle can be read from four seasons weather patterns (belonging to sub-tropical countries) there is; first patterns, in the spring and summer it will be acceleration of economic growth due to increased activity and demand while second patterns occur to economic slowdown or decline during autumn and winter.

Property investment opportunities in 2023

According to him there are two important things in observing the conditions of an impending recession or coming soon, that is opportunities and threats. Someone can see difficult conditions as a threat / risk or as a great opportunity to make an investment. Couch tonny also provides an example, from every moment of recession that occurs a new figure of success will emerge like; in the era 1965 a conglomerate appears Sudono Salim with his Salim group, in the era 1997 appears Chairul Tanjung figure with his business group CT Corp, in the same year also appears Sandiaga Uno as success figure, and so forth. This is important because when people afraid step over, then at that time new opportunities coming by reason of the most people are refrain make an investment both small and large.

In line with him, Raymond Chin a financial practitioner at once as money cattle (;consultant platform brand) CEO direct that property investment can be done even in crisis situations by using the property assets as passive income producer. Another advantage is future value added assets, according to the formula on supply and demand when assets volume the more limited then demand of that asset availability has rising proportionate with population amount which is increasing.

Prima communication as one of the property agent in malang, east java offers several investment property locations according to prospective buyer interest. A few things to emphasize property buyers beside apart of being a residential asset, that is easy investment step, having good long term prospects caused malang as education city with many higher education institution at once as destination city for archaeological history tour. Great malang has spread pretty much ancient relics temple sites from singosari era until majapahit kindom, in addition to the prospects mentioned above agent prima also offer programs buyback assets if the investor property candidate still undecided to make a choice with terms and conditions applied while doing asset purchase agreement.

Property investment opportunities in 2023

Based on tourist visit data to malang, east java of records made by kemenparekraf (Indonesian ministry of tourism and creative economy) august 2022 ago, there are six million tourist visits. This it shows that the area still has high value and future potential. Agent prima append that they also offering property asset management for investor who wants passive income from their assets, in the form of cooperation is it as a villa occupancy or boarding house management.

There are many more conveniences given by property developer parties in malang like agent prima said, among them payment systems desired by the prospective buyer whether through banking property ownership credit or it can also go through the inhouse schematic (without bank, direct instalment-independent).