Pick-up and drop-off laundry services in Denpasar, Bali and its surrounding area


Luxury hotel equipment and accessories

One of hotel / spa equipment and accessories supplier in Denpasar which has operated since 2009. Offer luxury and have certain quality products, several parts of the handcraft products mentioned was display on the luxury hospitality showroom, CV. Bali Works.

The products was used by many hotelier operator in Bali when mainly is reputable hotelier networks. Showroom display located in kepuh segina street padang sambian - Denpasar.

Pandemic hit get more impact with less incoming order, until current time still not going normally. As small business who never give up certainly with the survival spirit to develop available market capabilities to get rise again.

A pride as a part of the nation they could promote original products from their own country, in the middle of economic crisis after a hibernation period caused by the pandemic and update global condition (de/dps).