Pick-up and drop-off laundry services in Denpasar, Bali and its surrounding area

Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions Our Services

1. Laundry Service:

1.1 We provide online laundry services in Bali for washing, drying and folding clothes and household linens.

1.2 We will maintain the quality and cleanliness of the clothes as best we can, but are not responsible for damage caused by the condition of clothes that have been damaged before.

1.3 Be sure to provide your full address and valid contact information when ordering services.

2. Ordering and Collection:

2.1 Customers can order laundry services through our application or official website.

2.2 We will arrange the collection and delivery of clothes according to the agreed schedule. Make sure you provide accurate information regarding the desired address and time.

2.3 If there are any changes to the schedule, please notify us in advance. If there is no notification, we reserve the right to charge additional fees or delay the service.

3. Price and Payment:

3.1 Prices for laundry services will be informed to customers when placing an order.

3.2 The price of the laundry service will be determined based on the type and amount of clothes to be washed. Prices listed in our price list are binding.

3.3 Payment can be made in cash or through the payment methods available on our platform.

3.4 The customer is responsible for paying additional fees that may arise, such as shuttle fees or other special fees.

4. Clothing and Equipment:

4.1 Make sure to provide clothing and equipment according to our guidelines.

4.2 We are not responsible for damage or loss of personal items left inside clothing. So it is mandatory for customers to re-check the clothes and equipment that will be laundered.

4.3 Make sure the customer has sorted by type of clothing material or the color easily fades/damages when going to the laundry, so we are not responsible for the effects that arise due to the washing process.

4.4 It is mandatory to use environmentally friendly bags or use them many times so that they do not create new waste for the surrounding environment.

5. Laundry Process:

5.1 We will carry out the washing process according to high standards to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the clothes.

5.2 Even though we try our best to maintain the quality of the clothes, we are not responsible for any damage or discoloration that may occur due to the customer's negligence in providing information when placing an order at the outset..

5.3 We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by force majeure circumstances such as natural disasters, riots or acts of third parties.

6. Delivery:

6.1 We will deliver the washed and ironed clothes back to the customer according to the agreed schedule.

2.2 Make sure there is a recipient who can receive the clothes at the time of delivery if the customer is not at the location, loss or items not received after delivery are not our responsibility.

2.2 We deliver clean clothes to customers according to a mutually agreed location, both different pick-up and delivery locations as far as mutually agreed upon the delivery costs that arise.

7. Returns and Claims:

7.1 Customers must check, recalculate all laundry clothes that are returned carefully. Each claim must be filed within 24 hours of receipt of the clothing, exceeding the time limit is no longer our responsibility.

7.2 We will consider valid claims and try to repair or replace clothes damaged by the washing process due to procedural errors worth 2x the cost of laundry.

7.3 Customers are required to provide valid information regarding the condition of the clothes when they are going to be laundered so that when they return they are received in the same condition.

8. Cancellations and Returns:

8.1 If you need to cancel the service, please notify us in advance of the agreed pick-up time. Cancellations after the pick-up time may incur additional fees.

8.2 Cancellations made after the specified time may incur a cancellation fee due to costs incurred such as being picked up by the crew to the location.