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Travel Tips

How to store clothes when traveling or traveling

Storing clothes properly when traveling is important for keeping clothes neat, organized and wrinkle free. Here are some tips for storing clothes properly when traveling:

1. Fold the clothing carefully so that no wrinkles form. Make sure you fold clothes according to type. For example, folding clothes by folding them in half or in thirds, folding pants in half or in thirds, and so on.

2. The rolling technique can be very useful for saving space in your suitcase and avoiding wrinkles. Roll shirts, pants, and other clothing into a tight tube. This also makes it easier for you to find the clothes you want at your destination.

3. Place each garment or set of clothing in a plastic bag before placing them in the suitcase. This will help reduce friction between the clothes and reduce the chance of wrinkles forming.

4. Clothes organizers or packing cubes are very helpful in keeping clothes organized and organized in a suitcase. You can group clothes by type or use (eg nightgowns, sportswear, everyday wear) in each organizer pocket.

5. If you pile up too many clothes in your suitcase, they will likely get wrinkled and difficult to find when you need them. As much as possible, avoid putting too many clothes in one suitcase and make sure there is enough free space to prevent wrinkles from forming.

6. If you have heavy items like shoes or electronics in your suitcase, avoid placing them on top of folded clothes. Excessive pressure from heavy items can wrinkle clothes.

7. After you have finished storing the clothes in the suitcase, make sure the suitcase is closed properly and placed in a safe place during the trip.

Traveling Without Wrinkles? Secrets of How to Store Clothes Properly in a Suitcase

8. When preparing to return from your trip, try not to store dirty, let alone wet clothes, which will result in an unpleasant odor in your suitcase due to the odor generated by bacteria and the duration of the return journey which may take a long time can cause fungus on the fabric fibers to appear (small black spot stains) It's better to wash it in the laundry first.

By following the tips above, you will be able to store clothes properly when traveling, keep clothes neat and organized, and avoid unwanted wrinkles. (de/dps).