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Lepang shoreline conservation area, Klungkung

Bali, a paradise island in Indonesia, is known for its stunning natural beauty. One of the places that must be visited in Bali is Lepang Beach in Klungkung Regency. This beach is one of Bali's paradises that has not been visited by too many tourists, and at certain moments it becomes a nesting spot for Balinese sea turtles so that it becomes a local conservation area for the habitat of these animals. Of course this place still exudes authentic and calm natural beauty.

Lepang Beach is stunning with its long coastline, soft black sand and clear turquoise sea water. Green trees growing on the beach give a cool and beautiful impression. The clear sky and warm sunlight complement the beauty of this beach. The natural beauty of Lepang Beach will make anyone who visits it feel peaceful and connected to nature.

Pesona pasir hitam lembut di Pantai Lepang, Klungkung dengan habitat Penyu lautnya

Lepang beach it is also the perfect place to enjoy a spectacular sunrise. The colorful sky and sunlight creeping over the sea create an unforgettable view. The location is also close to the location of Goa Lawah Temple which is to the north with a distance of 12km or can be reached in approximately 17 minutes using a four-wheeled vehicle or 16 minutes by motorbike.

Furthermore, the distance between Lepang beach and Padang Bai fast boat ferry port, Karangasem is approximately 18.5 km and can be reached in 27 minutes using four wheels and 26 minutes using motorbike. Then for destination sites around Gianyar, for example; Elephant Cave can be reached with a distance of 15.2km or approximately 25 minutes using four wheels and just 23 minutes using motorbike.

Pesona pasir hitam lembut di Pantai Lepang, Klungkung dengan habitat Penyu lautnya

Lepang Beach also provides an opportunity to understand the lives of local people and Balinese culture. Local fishermen can often be seen fishing around the coast, and visitors can interact with them to learn about their daily lives and fishing traditions. Lepang Beach is not only a natural paradise for tourists, but also an important place for sea turtles who come to lay their eggs. Sea turtles are one of the animals that undergo long migrations to find a safe place to lay their eggs. This is what makes Lepang Beach an attractive destination to witness the natural wonders of the turtle nesting season.

The turtle nesting season at Lepang Beach generally occurs between March and July, when female turtles come to the beach to lay eggs. They look for a place that is safe, free from threats, and has suitable environmental conditions to lay eggs. When female turtles arrive at Lepang Beach, they will look for a suitable place to dig a hole in the sand and lay their eggs in it. After carefully closing the hole, they will leave the eggs to hatch naturally. It is important for us to understand and support conservation efforts carried out by local communities and related institutions, in this case the Bali BKSDA, to protect turtle nests and their eggs. Actions such as protecting nests, observing carefully without disturbing them, and not stealing eggs are essential to ensure the survival and development of sea turtle populations.

Sea turtle conservation is an important aspect in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem. Sea turtles have a significant ecological role in maintaining the balance of populations of other marine animals and controlling the population of marine biota. A part from that, sea turtles are also indicators of marine ecosystems health. If the sea turtle populations are threatened or declining, this could indicate a serious problem in the marine ecosystem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Pesona pasir hitam lembut di Pantai Lepang, Klungkung dengan habitat Penyu lautnya

Another important aspect is to be wise in disposing of rubbish, especially plastic waste. It is strictly prohibited to throw any form of rubbish into the open ocean where the waste can pollute the habitat environment where sea turtles live. It is not even certain that it can kill small turtle hatchlings in these water areas. So, to support these efforts, the local community has provided trash bins in the area along the shoreline.

Pesona pasir hitam lembut di Pantai Lepang, Klungkung dengan habitat Penyu lautnya

By keeping the environment clean and wisely disposing of waste, we will preserve nature so that it can be enjoyed by future generations (de/dps).